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Angela Kunoth - Publications and Reports

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Recent Manuscripts

  • A. Hegemann, A. Kunoth, K. Rupp, C. Sureth, Impact of Capital Gains Taxation on Investment and Holding Decisions under Different Tax Systems, Manuscript, 34 p., December 2014, submitted for publication.
  • A. Kunoth,  Multilevel Preconditioning for Variational Problems, Manuscript, 33 p., October 2014, submitted for publication.
  • Y. Shao, S. Liu, M. Hintz, S. Lennartz-Sassinek, A. Kunoth, C. Simmer, Impact of surface-heterogeneity on atmosphere and land-surface interactions, Manuscript,  33 p., May 2014. 
  • B. Huang, A. Kunoth, An Optimization Based Empirical Mode Decomposition Scheme for Images,
    Manuscript, October 2012, ACMAC Preprint #152, University of Crete,

Refereed Articles in Journals/Books/Book Chapters/Conference Proceedings/Poster

  • B. Huang, A. Kunoth,
    A different view on the vector-valued empirical mode decomposition (VEMD), CISP (7th International Congress on Image and Signal Processing) Proceedings 2014, Dalian, China, October 2014.
  • B. Huang, A. Kunoth,
    A unique polar representation of the hyperanalytic signal, IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP 2014), Florence, Italy, May 2014,;
  • F. Bause, B. Huang, A. Kunoth, B. Henning,
    Ultrasonic Waveguide Signal Decomposition Using the Synchrosqueezed Wavelet Transform for Modal Group Delay Computation,  In IEEE-UFFC Joint Symposia, July 21-25, 2013, Prague, Czech Republic.
  • A. Buffa, H. Harbrecht, A. Kunoth, G. Sangalli, 
    BPX-Preconditioning for Isogeometric Analysis, Comput. Methods Appl. Mech. Engrg. 265, 2013, 63-70,
  • A. Kunoth, Chr. Schwab,
    Analytic Regularity and GPC Approximation for Control Problems Constrained by Linear Parametric Elliptic and Parabolic PDEs, SIAM J. Contr. Optim. 51(3), 2013, 2442-2471. Also available as ACMAC Preprint #162, University of Crete, March 2013.
  • A. Kunoth,
    Multiresolution methods, March 2012, to appear in: Springer Encyclopedia of Applied and Computational Mathematics.
  • G. Jager, A. Kunoth, W.-D. Schuh, 
    Approximate Continuation of Harmonic Functions in Geodesy: A Spline Based Least Squares Approach with Regularization, J. Comp. Appl. Math. 237(1), January 2013, 62-82,
    Also available as Manuscript, 28 p., February 2012.
  •  P. Kantartzis, A. Kunoth, R. Pabel, P. Liatsis, 
     Multi-Scale Interior Potential Approximation for EIT, Proceedings of the 12th International Conference in Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT 2011), University of Bath, UK.
  •  P. Kantartzis, A. Kunoth, R. Pabel, P. Liatsis, 
     Single-Scale Interior Potential Approximation for EIT, Proceedings of the 12th International Conference in Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT 2011), University of Bath, UK.

Recent Book

Ronald DeVore, Angela Kunoth (Eds.), Multiscale, Nonlinear and Adaptive Approximation, 2009, XXIV, 659 p., Hardcover, ISBN: 978-3-642-03412-1

  • A. Kunoth,
    Optimized Wavelet Preconditioning, in: Multiscale, Nonlinear and Adaptive Approximation, R.A.DeVore, A. Kunoth (eds.), Springer, 2009, 325-378.
  • D. Castano, M. Gunzburger, A. Kunoth,
    An Adaptive Wavelet Viscosity Method for Hyperbolic Conservation Laws, Numer. Meths. for PDEs 24 (6), 2008, 1388-1404
    DOI: 10.1002/num.20322
  • C. Burstedde, A. Kunoth,
    A Wavelet-Based Nested Iteration-Inexact Conjugate Gradient Algorithm for Adaptively Solving Elliptic PDEs, Numer. Algor. 48 (1-3), 2008, 161-188.
    DOI: 10.1007/s11075-008-9164-0
  • M. Holtz, A. Kunoth,
    B-Spline Based Monotone Multigrid Methods, revised manuscript, Siam J. Numer. Anal. 45 (3), 2007, 1175-1199.
  • J. Maes, A. Kunoth, A. Bultheel
    BPX-Type Preconditioners for 2nd and 4th Order Elliptic Problems on the Sphere, SIAM J. Numer. Anal., 45 (1), 2007, 206-222.
  • A. Kunoth, M. Schlichtenmayer, Chr. Schneider,
    Speed Windsurfing: Modelling and Numerics, Intern. J. Numerical Anal. and Modelling 4 (3-4), 2007, 548-558.
  • W. Dahmen, A. Kunoth, J. Vorloeper
    Convergence of Adaptive Wavelet Methods for Goal-Oriented Error Estimation, in: Proceedings of Enumath 2005, 39-60, 2006.
  • M. Holtz, A. Kunoth,
    B-Spline Based Monotone Multigrid Methods with an Application to the Prizing of American Options, In: Multigrid, Multilevel and Multiscale Methods, Proc. EMG, 2005, P. Wesseling and C.W. Oosterlee and P. Hemker (Eds.).
  • C. Burstedde, J. Braun, A. Kunoth
    Computing Light Masks in Neutral Atom Lithography, J. Comput. Physics 220 (1), 2006, 422-440.
  • A. Kunoth,
    Wavelet Schemes for Elliptic Control Problems, in: Operations Research Proceedings 2005, H.-D. Haasis et al. (eds), Springer, 2006, 453-458.
  • C. Burstedde, A. Kunoth,
    Fast Iterative Solution of Elliptic Control Problems in Wavelet Discretizations, revised manuscript, J. Comp. Appl. Math. 196(1), 2006, 299-319.
  • A. Kunoth,
    Adaptive Wavelets for Sparse Representations of Scattered Data, in: Topics in Multivariate Approximation and Interpolation, K. Jetter et al. (eds.), Elsevier, 2006.
  • D. Castano, A. Kunoth,
    Robust Regression of Scattered Data with Adaptive Spline-Wavelets, revised, IEEE Trans. Image Proc.15 (6), 2006, 1621-1632.
  • A. Kunoth, J. Sahner
    Wavelets on Manifolds: An Optimized Construction, revised, Math. Comp. 75, 2006, 1319-1349.
  • A. Kunoth,
    Wavelet-Based Multiresolution Methods for Stationary PDEs and PDE-Constrained Control Problems, in: Frontiers in Numerical Analysis, J. Blowey, A. Craig (eds.), Durham 2004, Springer, 2005, 1-63.
  • D. Castano, A. Kunoth,
    Multilevel Regularization of Wavelet Based Fitting of Scattered Data - Some Experiments, Numer. Algor. 39 (1-3), 2005, 81-96. published online
  • A. Kunoth,
    Adaptive Wavelet Schemes for an Elliptic Control Problem with Dirichlet Boundary Control, Numer. Algor. 39 (1-3), 2005, 199-220. published online
  • W. Dahmen, A. Kunoth,
    Adaptive Wavelet Methods for Linear--Quadratic Elliptic Control Problems: Convergence Rates, SIAM J. Contr. Optim. 43(5), 1640-1675, 2005.
  • A. Kunoth,
    Two Applications of Adaptive Wavelet Methods, in: ``Modern Developments in Multivariate Approximation'', W. Haussmann, Birkhäuser, Inter. Series of Numerical Mathematics, Vol. 145, 2003, 175-201.
  • M. Mützel, U. Rasbach, D. Meschede, C. Burstedde, J. Braun, A. Kunoth, K. Peithmann, K. Buse,
    Atomic Nanofabrication with Complex Light Fields, Appl. Phys. B 77, 2003, 1-9,  published online 
  • D. Castano, A. Kunoth
    Adaptive Fitting of Scattered Data by Spline--Wavelets, in: ``Curves and Surfaces'', L.L. Schumaker et. al. (eds.) Vanderbilt University Press, 2003, 65-78.
  • Th. Gerstner, F. Kiefer, A. Kunoth,
    Wavelet and Multigrid Methods for Convection--Diffusion Equations, in: Dynamics of Multiscale Earth Systems, H.J. Neugebauer, C. Simmer (eds.), Lecture Notes in Earth Sciences, Springer, 2003, 69--88.
  • Th. Gerstner, H.--P. Helfrich, A. Kunoth,
    Wavelet Analysis of Geoscientific Data, in: Dynamics of Multiscale Earth Systems, H.J. Neugebauer, C. Simmer (eds.), Lecture Notes in Earth Sciences, Springer, 2003, 123--134.
  • W. Dahmen, A. Kunoth,  R. Schneider,
    Wavelet Least Square Methods for Boundary Value Problems,  Abstract, Siam J. Numer. Anal. 39 (6), 2002, 1985-2013.
  • A. Kunoth,
    Fast Iterative Solution of Saddle Point Problems in Optimal Control Based on Wavelets,  Abstract, Comput. Optim. Appl. 22, 2002, 225-259.
  • A. Kunoth,
    Wavelet Techniques for the Fictitious Domain---Lagrange Multiplier Approach,  Abstract, Numer. Algor. 27, 2001, 291--316.
  • W. Dahmen, A. Kunoth,
    Appending Boundary Conditions by Lagrange Multipliers: Analysis of the LBB Condition,
    Numer. Math. 88, 2001, 9--42.,  published online.
  • S. Bertoluzza, A.Kunoth,
    Wavelet Stabilization and Preconditioning for Domain Decomposition, 
    IMA J. Numer. Anal. 20, 2000, 533-559.
  • W. DahmenB. HanR.-Q. Jia, A. Kunoth,
    Biorthogonal Multiwavelets on the Interval: Cubic Hermite Splines, (1.6 MB)
    Constr. Approx. 16, 2000, 221-259.
    Data of Mask Matrices.
  • W. Dahmen, A. Kunoth, K. Urban,
    Biorthogonal Spline-Wavelets on the Interval - Stability and Moment Conditions,
    Appl. Comp. Harm. Anal. 6, 1999, 132-196,
    Data of Mask Matrices.
  • E. Arge, A. Kunoth,
    An Efficient ADI-Solver for Scattered Data Problems with Global Smoothing,
    J. Comput. Phys. 139, 343-358, 1998.
  • W. Dahmen, A. Kunoth, K. Urban,
    Wavelets in Numerical Analysis and their Quantitative Properties,
    in: Surface Fitting and Multiresolution Methods, A. Le Mehaute, C. Rabut, and L. L. Schumaker (eds.), Vanderbilt Univ. Press, Nashville, TN, 1997, 93-130.   Abstract.
  • T. Barsch, A. Kunoth, K. Urban,
    Towards Object Oriented Software Tools for Numerical Multiscale Methods for P.D.E.s using Wavelets,
    in: Multiscale Wavelet Methods for Partial Differential Equations, W. Dahmen, A. Kurdila and P. Oswald (eds.), Academic Press, 1997, 383-412.
  • W. Dahmen, A. Kunoth, R. Schneider, Operator Equations, Multiscale Concepts and Complexity ,  in: Lectures in Applied Mathematics, Vol. 32, J. Renegar, M. Shub and S. Smale (eds.), American Mathematical Society, 1996, 225-261.
  • W. Dahmen, A. Kunoth, K. Urban, A Wavelet-Galerkin Method for the Stokes Equations,  Computing 56, No. 3, 1996, 259-302.     
  • A. Kunoth, Multilevel Preconditioning - Appending Boundary Conditions by Lagrange Multipliers,  Adv. Comput. Math. 4, 1995, 145-170,  Abstract.
  • S. Dahlke, A. Kunoth, Biorthogonal Wavelets and Multigrid,  in: Adaptive Methods - Algorithms, Theory and Applications, Proceedings of the 9th GAMM Seminar, W. Hackbusch, G. Wittum (eds.), NNFM Series Vol. 46, Vieweg, 1994, 99-119,  Abstract.
  • A. Kunoth,   On the fast evaluation of integrals of refinable functions,  in: Wavelets, Images, and Surface Fitting, P.J. Laurent, A. LeMehaute, L.L. Schumaker (eds.), AKPeters, Boston, 1994, 327-334.
  • W. Dahmen, A. Kunoth, Multilevel preconditioning,  Numer. Math. 63, 1992, 315-344.


Edited Volumes

  • Ronald DeVore, Angela Kunoth (Eds.) , Multiscale, Nonlinear and Adaptive Approximation, 2009, XXIV, 659 p., Hardcover, ISBN: 978-3-642-03412-1
  • C. de Boor, C. Gout, A. Kunoth, C. Rabut, Multivariate Approximation: Theory and Applications, An Overview, Special Issue of Numerical Algorithms, Volume 48 (1-3), 2008, 1-9. DOI: 10.1007/s11075-008-9190-y
  • A. Kunoth, S. Müller, Breaking Complexity: Multiscale Methods for Efficient PDE Solvers, Special Issue of the Journal of Numerical Mathematics, Volume 14, Number 3, September 2006

Books and Scripts

  • A. Kunoth,
    Wavelet Methods - Elliptic Boundary Value Probles and Control Problems, Advances in Numerical Mathematics, Teubner, 2001,  AbstractTable of ContentsCorrections and extensions
  • A. Kunoth,
    Multilevel Preconditioning,   Shaker, Aachen, 1994.
  • A. Kunoth,
    Mathematische Methoden in der Geometrischen Datenverarbeitung (CAGD), (in German)
    Vorlesungsskript, Freie Universität Berlin, Juli 1990.

Further Manuscripts

  • D. Castano Diez, G. Jager, A. Kunoth,
    Multiscale Analysis of Multivariate Data, 20 p., July 2009, in: 18th International Conference on the Application of Computer Science and Mathematics in Architecture and Civil Engineering (Electronic Proceedings), K. Gürlebeck and C. Könke (eds.), Weimar, Germany, 07-09 July 2009
  • M. Holtz, A. Kunoth,
    B-Spline Based Monotone Multigrid Methods - Extended Version, October 2005
  • A. Kunoth, J. Sahner,
    Wavelets on Manifolds: An Optimized Construction - Extended Version, SFB 611 Preprint No. 163, Universität Bonn, July 2004, revised, April 2005, 46 p.
  • A. Kunoth, A.-S. Piquemal, J. Vorloeper,
    Multilevel Preconditioners for Discretizations of Elliptic Boundary Value Problems - Experiences with Different Software Packages, IGPM Preprint #194, July 2000,  Abstract.
  • S. Dahlke, A.Kunoth,
    Multilevel Characterizations of Function Spaces on Skeletons,
    IGPM-Preprint #155, March 1998,
    in: Proceedings of the International Wavelets Conference ``Wavelets and Multiscale Methods'', Tanger, Morocco, April 13--17, 1998, INRIA report.
  • A. Kunoth,
    Computing Refinable Integrals - Documentation of the Program ,
    Version 1.1, May 1995, Technical Report ISC-95-02-MATH,  Abstract.