The Gaussian Free Field, Random Interlacements, and Isomorphism Theorems

Winter semester 2017–2018

This lecture requires Probability Theory II as a prerequisite, which was held in winter semester 2016–2017. It is primarily addressed to Master's students, and the lecture will be held in German or English, depending on the preferences of the audience. It is part of the Stochastic and Insurance Mathematics module. The lecture will mostly be guided by the literature given here. Hence, lecture notes will not be provided.
Gaussian free field in dimension 2
Gaussian free field in dimension 2

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Evaluation of solutions

Each homework sheet will consist of a few exercises, which must be handed in during the exercise class. They will be corrected by the teaching assistant and handed back the following week. All the exercises will be corrected during the exercise class.

It is possible to hand in the solutions in groups of at most two students.

All exercises are relevant for the exam.

Can I take the exam?

In order to be allowed to take the exam you must obtain at least 50% of the homework points.


The lecture takes place on Tuesday in Seminarraum 1 (Room 005 MI) and Wednesday in the Cohn-Vossen Raum (Room 313 MI), from 2:00 to 3:30 pm.

Exercise class

The exercise class takes place on Tuesday, from 10:00 to 11:30 am, in Übungsraum 1 (Room 119 MI)

Exercise sheets

Exercise sheet 0 (17.10)

Exercise sheet 1 (17.10)

Exercise sheet 2 (24.10)

Exercise sheet 3 (07.11)

Exercise sheet 4 (14.11)

Exercise sheet 5 (21.11)

Exercise sheet 6 (28.11)

Exercise sheet 7 (19.12)

Exercise sheet 8 (09.01)

Exercise sheet 9 (16.01)

Exercise sheet 10 (23.01)

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