Bonn-Köln Oberseminar Zahlentheorie und Physik
(Number Theory and Physics Seminar)

Max Planck Institute
for Mathematics - Bonn

University of Cologne  
Math Department




















Talks will be held twice monthly, alternating venues between the MPI Lecture Hall, MPIM - Bonn, Vivatsgasse 7, Bonn and Mathematics Institute (Weyertal 86), Seminarraum 1, Köln.

Upcoming Talks

Date Time Location Speaker Title
Mi./Wed. 02.05.2012 15:45 MPIM - Bonn
Lecture Hall
Jan Bruinier (TU Darmstadt) On the converse theorem for Borcherds products
Do./Th. 10.05.2012 12:00 Köln
Math Institute Sem. 1
Boris Pioline (LPTHE) Rankin-Selberg methods for String Amplitudes
Mi./Wed. 23.05.2012 15:45 MPIM - Bonn
Lecture Hall
Katrin Wendland (Freiburg) The overarching finite symmetry group of Kummer surfaces in the Mathieu group M24
Mi./Wed. 20.06.2012 14:00 MPIM - Bonn
Lecture Hall
Matthias Gaberdiel (ETH Zürich) Mathieu Moonshine


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