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A.18 How can I configure TCM?


TCM can be configured by means of a configuration file. The file $TCM_HOME/lib/tcm.conf is the system-wide configuration file. It may be overridden by a user's private configuration file in $HOME/.tcmrc. The configuration file consists of a number of sections which start with a keyword identifying the section and then a {. The section ends by a }. Sections are separated by white space (one or more spaces, tabs or newlines). Within a section there are a number of attribute-value pairs separated by white space and also enclosed by curly braces (basically it is the same format as the TCM file format in appendix B). Comments in the file start with a hash (#). The text in the same line after the hash is ignored. The section names and the attributes are case sensitive. In the file itself you find comment text which gives directions for what the attributes mean and what attribute values are possible.

Frank Dehne,Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam