Workshop on Complex Analytic Geometry

Organizers G. Marinescu, N. Savale, V.-D. Vu

Dienstag, 12.07.22, 09:30 -16:00, Raum 313 und Raum 314 des Department Mathematik

ANR-DFG project QuaSiDy
"Quantization, Singularities,
and Holomorphic Dynamics".

im Raum 313
Masanori Adachi (Shizuoka University)

Title: A residue formula for meromorphic connections and applications to stable sets of foliations

Abstract: We define the residues of a holomorphic connection of a holomorphic line bundle along a simple normal crossing divisor in a complex manifold by only assuming that its curvature extends across the divisor. We then prove a residue formula that localizes the first Chern class to the singular locus of the given holomorphic connection. As applications, we discuss proofs for a nonexistence theorem of Levi flat hypersurfaces with transversely affine Levi foliation in compact Kaehler surfaces and Brunella's conjecture about exceptional minimal sets of codimension one holomorphic foliations with ample normal bundle. This is joint work with Séverine Biard and Judith Brinkschulte.

im Raum 313
Tien-Cuong Dinh (National University of Singapore)

Title: On the automorphisms of compact Kähler manifolds

Abstract: Every automorphism group of a compact Kähler manifold satisfies Tits alternative: (1) either it admits a solvable subgroup of finite index, (2) or it contains a free group of two generators. In the first case, we show that this group cannot be too big. We also study particular algebraic manifolds which allow us to show the existence of manifolds of any dimension (greater or equal to 2) with infinitely many of non-equivalent real forms. This talk is based on my joint works with H.-Y. Lin, V.-A. Nguyen, K. Oguiso, N. Sibony, X. Yu, D.-Q. Zhang.

im Raum 314
Wei-Chuan Shen (University of Cologne)

Title: On the second coefficient of the asymptotic expansion of Boutet de Monvel--Sjöstrand

Abstract: The study of reproducing kernel in several complex variables is fundamental in complex and CR geometry. In this talk, we will focus on the Szegö kernel on embeddable compact strongly pseudoconvex CR manifolds. We will recall the asymptotic expansion obtained by Boutet de Monvel and Sjöstrand via complex-valued phase Fourier integral operator, and discuss how to determine its second coefficient (in the part of pole type singularities). This is a joint work with Chin-Yu Hsiao.

im Raum 314
Xiaonan Ma (Université Paris Cité)

Title: Superconnection and family Bergman kernels

Abstract: We establish an asymptotic version of Bismut's local family index theorem for the Bergman kernel. The key idea is to use the superconnection as in the local family index theorem.