Interactions between
Symplectic Geometry, Combinatorics, and Number Theory

SS 2017

Mo., 14:00-15:30
Stefan Cohn-Vossen Raum (Raum 313)


This semester, the seminar Interactions between Symplectic Geometry, Combinatorics, and Number Theory will discuss the foundations of Ehrhart theory and its connections to Number Theory, in particular Dedekind sums.

Graduate students, postdocs and professors interested in attending will be encouraged to give explanatory talks that are suitable to an audience with diverse background.

From time to time we will also invite external speakers to give more advanced/research talks on topics related to those covered in this seminar.

Schedule (tentative)

08.05.   Milena Pabiniak   Restricted partition functions (Sections 1.2 and 1.3 of [BR])
15.05.   Frederik von Heymann   Restricted partition functions II (Sections 1.5 and (partly) 7.2 and 8.2 of [BR])
22.05.   Michael H. Mertens   (a) Dedekind sums in Number Theory ([R])
(b) Counting lattice points in special polytopes (Sections 2.2-2.4 of [BR])
29.05.   Milena Pabiniak   Euler's generating function for rational polytopes (Section 2.8 of [BR])
05.06.   Pentecost (no seminar)
12.06.   Valentin Rappel   Ehrhart's theorem (Sections 3.2 and 3.3 of [BR])
19.06.   No seminar  
26.06.   Lara Bossinger   Background on toric varieties
03.07.   Milena Pabiniak   The Todd class of simplicial toric varieties
10.07.   Isabelle Charton   Integral points in polytopes and sections of line bundles
17.07.   TBD  
24.07.   TBD