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Algebra at Köln


Perspectives in representation theory

University of Cologne, September 27 to October 3, 2009

Arrival: Sunday, September 27.
Departure: Saturday, October 3.
Lectures will start on Monday morning. The conference will close on Friday late afternoon.
A poster of the conference (pdf format) can be downloaded here.
NEW: Pictures from the conference

Speakers and programme

Here you can find the schedule of talks and abstracts.
There will be lectures and lecture series covering topics of current interest in representation theory of algebras and of groups, in algebraic and in analytic Lie theory. Among the invited speakers are the following:

Bangming Deng, Beijing
Peter Fiebig, Freiburg
Stéphane Gaussent, Nancy
Meinolf Geck, Aberdeen
Anne Henke, Oxford
Michail Kapovich, UC Davis
Radha Kessar, Aberdeen
Bernard Leclerc, Caen
Jacques Thévenaz, Lausanne
Will Turner, Aberdeen

Slides of the following speakers are available upon request: Andre, Bierwirth, Deng, Geck, Külshammer, Leclerc, Lopatin, Malinin, Noeske, Shalile.


For the main speakers, hotel rooms will be booked by us and paid directly with the hotel. The same applies for participants that have been granted financial support. For all other participants, we recommend the following hotels. Please mention the code ALGEBRA when making your reservation to obtain our special rates. All prices include breakfast.
Please note that there are now only a very limited number of single rooms in Flandrischer Hof and Hotel Mado with our special rates, and they will not be avaible any more after 18 September, due to a marathon race in Cologne right after the conference.

Hotel Flandrischer Hof
in walking distance to unversity and city centre
Flandrische Strasse 3-11
50674 Köln
Tel. +49(0)221-20360
Homepage Flandrischer Hof
Single room 63 Euros
Double room 89 Euros (74 Euros for single occupacy)

Hotel Mado
close to university
Moselstrasse 36
50674 Köln
Tel. +49(0)221-924190
Single room 65 Euros
Double room 85 Euros
Homepage Hotel Mado

Hotel Elite
close to the university, located in a lively student area with pubs and restaurants
Meister-Gerhard-Strasse 26
50674 Köln
Tel. +49(0)221-31069220
Homepage Hotel Elite
Single room 58.50 Euros

Of course you can also book your accommodation through websites like HRS. On the weekend after the workshop, one of Germany's biggest marathon races will take place in Cologne, so we advise you to book your room as early as possible.
If you need assistance with the hotel reservation, please contact Mrs Koersgen (Monday to Friday 11am-3pm, phone +49 221 470 5709, email nkoersge@math.uni-koeln.de).


Limited financial support is expected to be available, in particular for PhD students and postdocs. More detail on support and how to apply for it will be given on the registration web page.


Please register here.

Registered Participants

A more detailed list of participants, including addresses, is available A - F, F - M, M - Z (in jpg format to avoid automatic sreening; note that zooming in is possible).

Travel information

Maps and information on public transport can be found here .


Stéphanie Cupit-Foutou, Ghislain Fourier, Robert Hartmann, Steffen Koenig, Peter Littelmann and Qunhua Liu

Contact: Stéphanie Cupit-Foutou, Ghislain Fourier, Robert Hartmann, Steffen Koenig, Peter Littelmann and Qunhua Liu .

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