Structure of the Study for Teachers at Secondary and Comprehensive Schools

In the first semester the lectures analysis I and linear algebra I, in the second semester analysis II and linear algebra II are obligatory.
Participants must choose among compulsory course that accompany the lectures in analysis and linear algebra. The compulsory exercises
distributed during the weekly tutorials serve as a basis for deeper understanding of the lectures. Active participation in the tutorials is obligatory.

Study guidelines for teachers at secondary and comprehensive schools
Regulations for the intermediate examination
Regulations for the examination for teachers

The following table offers a model for a possible course of study.

Course of study for Teachers at Secondary and Comprehensive Schools, mathematical section up to the intermediate examination.

Analysis I

Linear Algebra I
Minimum of tutorial certificates

Analysis I + Linear Algebra II
Analysis II + Linear Algebra I
Analysis II + Linear Algebra II

Analysis II

Linear Algebra II
S3/S4Analysis III
Ordinary Differential Equations
Numerical Math. I
Introduction to Statistics
The Mathematical Basis of Operations Research
At Least one tutorial certificate

These schematic charts are not a substitute for a thorough reading of the study guidelines and examination regulations.