Andreas Mono
University of Cologne
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Division of Mathematics
Weyertal 86-90
50931 Cologne, Germany

Phone: +49221 4704333

Office: Room 03, Gyrhofstr. 8b, 50931 Cologne

Office hour: by appointment

I am a PhD-student under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Kathrin Bringmann since February 2020. My research field is analytic number theory with focus on automorphic forms and objects, in particular various types of Maaß forms (for instance local Maaß forms), and related topics.
Previously, I completed both my Master's and Bachelor's degree in mathematics at ETH Zurich. Here is my Master thesis about the spectral theory of classical Maaß forms of arbitrary real weight, which was supervised by Prof. Dr. Özlem Imamoglu.
Parallel to my studies, I taught exercise classes in Analysis I, Analysis II, Complex Analysis (twice) and Measure & Integration at ETH.

Finally, here is my CV. You may find me on Google Scholar as well.


  1. "A modular framework of functions of Knopp and indefinite binary quadratic forms" (with Kathrin Bringmann), see
  2. "Eichler–Selberg type relations for negative weight vector-valued mock modular forms" (with Joshua Males), see
  3. "Locally harmonic Maaß forms of positive even weight", see
  4. "Higher depth mock theta functions and q-hypergeometric series" (with Joshua Males and Larry Rolen), see
  5. "Eisenstein series of even weight k>=2 and integral binary quadratic forms", see
  6. "Multidimensional small divisor functions", see
  7. "Polar harmonic Maaß forms and holomorphic projection" (with Joshua Males and Larry Rolen), see
  8. "On a conjecture of Kaneko and Koike", see

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