Giulia Cesana

Mathematics Institute
University of Cologne
Weyertal 86-90
50931 Cologne
me Office: Gyrhofstra├če 8b, Room 0.4
Office hours: by appointment

Since September 2019 I am a PhD student in mathematics under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Kathrin Bringmann and part of her working group at the University of Cologne. Prior to this I completed my masters at the University of Cologne under supervision of Prof. Dr. Kathrin Bringmann.

My main research interests are modular (and Jacobi) forms, partitions and their statistics and applications, generating functions and asymptotics. I am particularly interested in Fourier coefficients of modular forms.


Summer 2022: Elementary number theory (Prof. Dr. Kathrin Bringmann), Teaching assistant.

Winter 2021/22: Algebra (Prof. Dr. Kathrin Bringmann), Teaching assistant.

Summer 2021: Linear algebra 2 (Dr. Stephan Ehlen and Prof. Dr. Kathrin Bringmann), Coordinator and Teaching assistant.

Winter 2020/21: Linear algebra 1 (Dr. Stephan Ehlen), Coordinator and Teaching assistant.

Summer 2020: Seminar on modular forms (with Prof. Dr. Kathrin Bringmann), Supervisor.

Summer 2020: Linear algebra 2 (Prof. Dr. Peter Littelmann), Teaching assistant.

Winter 2019/20: Linear algebra 1 (Prof. Dr. Peter Littelmann), Teaching assistant.


Bachelor Students

David Wambach, Ramanujan's Definition der Mock-Thetafunktionen, summer 2020.

Conferences, Workshops and Research Visits

Women in Numbers Europe - 4, August - September 2022, Utrecht.

Ramanujan and Euler: partitions, mock theta functions, and q-series, July 2022.

ABKLS Seminar, June 2022, Bonn.

Young Scholars in the Analytic Theory of Numbers and Automorphic Forms, March 2022, Bonn.

Gehaltsverhandlungen beim Jobeinstieg für Frauen (Salary negotiations when starting a job for women), March 2022, Cologne.

Women in automorphic forms, September 2021, Bielefeld.

Grundlagen der Kommunikation - Freundlich und durchsetzungsstark in jeder Lebenslage (Basics of communication - friendly and assertive in every situation), June 2021, Cologne.

Weniger Stress durch mehr Selbstmanagement - Gesunder Umgang mit Stress, Ärger und Hürden des Arbeitsalltags in Studium und Promotion (Less stress through more self-management - healthy handling of stress, anger and hurdles of everyday work in studies and doctorates), May 2021, Cologne.

Online Hausdorff school on "The Circle Method: Entering its Second Century", May 2021, Bonn.

ABKLS Seminar, February 2020, Aachen.

ABKLS Seminar, September 2019, Cologne.

ABKLS Seminar, September 2017, Cologne.

Papers and Preprints

Asymptotic equidistribution for partition statistics and topological invariants, submitted for publication (with W. Craig and J. Males).

Bivariate asymptotics for eta-theta quotients with simple poles, submitted for publication (with J. Males).


Invited Talks

NAAPing Class Group (Working group on Number theory, Arithmetic and Algebraic geometry, and Physics), Tokyo, April 2022.

Young Scholars in the Analytic Theory of Numbers and Automorphic Forms, Bonn, March 2022.

Contributed Talks

Women in automorphic forms, Bielefeld, September 2021.

CDE seminar, Early career online seminar on automorphic forms joining Cologne, Darmstadt, and ETH Zurich, June 2021.

Professional Activities

Referee Work

Research in Number Theory.


Cologne Children's University, joint with Christina Roehrig, March 2022.


Early Number Theory Researchers (ENTR) Workshop, joint with Lars Kleinemeier, Ingmar Metzler, Andreas Mono, and Dr. Riccardo Zuffetti, October 26-28, 2022.

Early Number Theory Researchers (ENTR) Seminar, joint with Ingmar Metzler and Andreas Mono, summer 2022.