Geometry and Topology


H. Geiges

Summer Semester 2002

Wednesdays, 12:00-14:00, Seminarraum 2, begin: 17 April

Vorbesprechung: Donnerstag 14.2.02, 12:00, Seminarraum 2

Schedule of talks.
17.04.02 Euclidean and Spherical Surfaces I (U. Kleine)
24.04.02 Euclidean and Spherical Surfaces II (R. Martins)
08.05.02 Models of the Hyperbolic Plane (K. Kaune)
15.05.02 Geodesics and Isometries of H2 (P. Schlautmann)
29.05.02 Classification of Isometries of H2 (N. Runte)
05.06.02 Hyperbolic Surfaces I (A. Lehmann)
12.06.02 Kein Seminar
19.06.02 Hyperbolic Surfaces II (M.A. Rodriguez)
26.06.02 Orbifolds and the Riemann-Hurwitz Formula (I. Wieck)
03.07.02 Seifert Fibre Spaces, the eight 3-dimensional Geometries,
geometric 3-manifolds (H. Geiges)
10.07.02 Geometry of the Universe (G. Kalil)


The main sources are:

An additional reference for Seifert fibre spaces is For the last talk and for general interest see also: and the following papers in Classical and Quantum Gravity 15 (1998):

F. Pasquotto, February 13, 2002.