Arbeitsgemeinschaft Symplektische Topologie

Sommersemester 2002

Donnerstag, 14:00-16:00, Seminarraum 1

18.04.02 PD Dr. Karl Friedrich Siburg (Bochum)
On the geometry of the Hamiltonian diffeomorphism group
2.05.02 Beginn 14:00 s.t.!:Hansjörg Geiges
Volume preserving diffeomorphisms of closed manifolds
16.05.02 Klaus Niederkrüger
Characterisation of manifolds by their transformation groups
6.06.02 Federica Pasquotto
Constructions of symplectic manifolds
20.06.02 Federica Pasquotto
Geography of symplectic manifolds
27.06.02 Otto van Koert
Complex contact manifolds
4.07.02 Otto van Koert
Complex contact manifolds II
11.07.02 Hansjörg Geiges
Contact structures on open books and tori
(after E. Giroux, J.-P. Mohsen; F. Bourgeois)
18.07.02 Mark de Kok
Neighbourhood and isotopy extension theorems in contact geometry
Mittwoch 24.07.02 Koos van Winden
Knaster's conjecture

H. Geiges, 2.4.02