Arbeitsgemeinschaft Symplektische Topologie

H. Geiges, S. Sabatini

Wintersemester 2017/18

Mi 12 c.t. Seminarraum 2 (Raum 204)

18.10.17 Marc Kegel
Unit tangent bundles of orbifolds
25.10.17 Hansjörg Geiges
Constructing odd-symplectic forms via surgery
8.11.17 Sebastian Durst
Ideal Liouville domains
15.11.17 Fabio Gironella (Paris)
On the topology of the space of contact transformations of
overtwisted contact manifolds
22.11.17 Sebastian Durst/Murat Saglam
Ideal Liouville domains II
29.11.17 Murat Saglam (Bochum)
Ideal Liouville domains III
6.12.17 Milena Pabiniak
13.12.17 Murat Saglam (Bochum)
Ideal Liouville domains IV
10.1.18 Hansjörg Geiges
Open books: Basic constructions and examples
17.1.18 Luca Asselle (Bochum)
On geodesic flows with symmetries and closed magnetic geodesics on orbifolds
24.1.18 Murat Saglam (Bochum)
Ideal Liouville domains and open books
31.1.18 Sinem Onaran (Ankara)
Adapted open books: minimal genus, minimal binding

H. Geiges, 19.6.17