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Highway 61 Features: Highway 61 runs on a clone IBM '286 with 2 megs of RAM! ...no, not really!

New Features!
Two new features have been added to Highway 61! First, your search parameters will now be saved to a "cookie" so next time you stop by your patience level, etc., will already be set to what you used on your last search. Also, you can now choose to have links sent to new windows (see "Links to New Windows" below.)
Search as boolean...
If you only want results that contain all of your search terms, use boolean "and." This is the same as putting a plus sign (+) in front of each word. If you use boolean "or", you can still place a plus sign (+) in front of one or more words. Anyway, we think that's how it works.
Links to New Windows...
If you check this box, each link on the result page will be targeted to a new Web browser window. This way you can be following several links simultaneously--if, that is, your computer has plenty of memory. If it doesn't, this might be a good way to see how crash resistant your system really is.
Your patience level...
Generally, the longer you are willing to wait, the greater the number of hits you'll receive. But if you spend the wait in the bathroom, you'll miss the inspiring quote!
Inspiring quotes...
To help wile away the time spent waiting, Highway 61 provides inspiring quotes from major figures in politics, science and technology and the arts. While any browser will work with Highway 61, you will only see these quotes if you are using Netscape. Other browsers are not capable of handling this type of page.
How many hits...
This will determine how many hits you receive per search. "Lots" will return anywhere from about 35 to 75, "Bury me" will return about 60 to 125. This is an inexact science.
Include Yahoo categories...
Check here if you want Yahoo category headings, i.e., pages at Yahoo, included in your results.
Will the armadillo make it across the road?
A wrong choice here will be very detrimental to the value of your results. Animal husbandry is the key to successful searching!

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