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In October 2017 I joined Prof. Dr. Kathrin Bringmann's group at the University of Cologne, Germany. Prior to this I completed my masters at Durham University, UK under the supervision of Dr. Jens Funke .

I am interested in all areas of analytic and algebraic number theory, but my work currently focuses on quantum modular forms (of higher depth) and their properties.

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Below is a collection of papers, along with some of my own brief notes that are not intended to be published


  • Explicit modularity properties for exotic Bailey-Slater SPT functions - in preparation
  • Asymptotic equidistribution and a convexity result for Dyson's partition ranks (2019) - submitted, preprint available here
  • A family of vector-valued quantum modular forms of depth two (2018) - submitted, preprint available here


  • A short note computing higher Mordell integrals associated to higher depth quantum modular forms (2018) - pdf here
  • Masters Thesis - Topics in Modular Forms (2016) - pdf here

Referee work


  • Algebraic Number Theory, SS 2019 (with Dr. Stephan Ehlen)
  • Seminar on L-Functions , SS 2019 (with Prof. Bringmann)
  • Seminar on Theta Functions, WS 2018 (with Prof. Bringmann)


Below is a list of students who I co-supervise(d).

Master Students
  • Robin Sauer, 'Modular Forms Associated to Real Quadratic Fields', 2018
Bachelor Students
  • Julian Sander, 'Jensen Formula for Modular Functions', 2019 - present
  • Carsten Mitzkus, 'Fourier Coefficients of a Certain Eta-Quotient', 2017-18


My office hours are on Tuesdays 10-11.30am, Thursdays 2:30-4pm, or by arrangement. Please email me at if you need a different time.




Mathematical Institute

University of Cologne

Gyrhofstr. 8b

50931 Cologne