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I am a second year PhD student of Prof. Littelmann in Cologne and my background is the representation theory of Lie algebras.
My current projects involve the study of toric and semi-toric degenerations of Grassmannians, the flag variety, and Schubert varieties using methods from combinatorics, cluster varieties, and tropical geometry. I would further like to understand connections to the theory of valuations, Newton-Okounkov bodies and mirror symmetry.

Alfredo Najera is coming to Cologne to give lectures on "Quivers with potentials in algebra and geometry", November 2/3/7. As part of the graduate school, lectures are open to everyone who is interested including all students and graduate students! Click here for all details.

Check out this exciting workshop happening in Cologne in March 2018:
Workshop for Young Researchers: Tropical Geometry meets Representation Theory.