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Hi all! On this page you will find the dates and speakers of the Pizza-seminar. It takes place roughly every two weeks on Tuesdays at 15:30 after the Algebra Oberseminar in the Stephan-Cohn-Vossen Room. The speakers are Phd-students and Post-Doc from various working groups. In a relaxed (professor-free) environment everyone gets to present their work, thoughts, ideas, or in general interests. The aim is to connect the young people in Cologne and maybe start some collaborations in the best case :)

Valentin came up with the grabdiuose idea to turn this into a pizza seminar. We are still testing all the options to get pizza into the seminar, either we order before the talk and have pizza after or we all go together to PIKA at Albertus Magnus Platz after the talk.

If for some reason you did not get emails about this seminar yet, please conatct: lbossing(at) Same if you would like to tell us whats on your mind, please send an email. We need you!!!

Here's a list of speakers this term (WS 2017/18).