how to get there

1) The building is shown here: Weyertal 86-90.
The offices are on the first floor, either walk up or take the elevator.

2) To see the location of the building within the university quarter look at this map.

3) The closest bus stop is Hildegardis-Krankenhaus (bus 136 or 146).
Bus 136 connects Neumarkt to Hohenlind, whereas bus 146 connects Neumarkt to Deckstein.
The buses leave Neumarkt opposite of the tram station and not far away from the main shopping area.
You could check the time tables for the buses at KVB.
From Hildegardis-Krankenhaus it will be a 5 minutes walk; see 2) and the (H) on Bachemer Straße.

4) The closest tram stop is Weyertal on line 9 which connects Neumarkt (or Bahnhof Messe Deutz) to Sülz.
Then you have to walk up Weyertal, passing by Evangelisches Krankenhaus,
until you reach the department of mathematics at Weyertal 86-90.
You could check the time tables for the tram at KVB.
From the tram station it will be a 10-15 minutes walk; see 2).

5) If you go by train and arrive at Hauptbahnhof (main station), then look for the subway station
(side of the cathedral, downstairs) and take any subway to Neumarkt; see 3) or 4).
If you arrive at Bahnhof Messe Deutz, then take tram 9 to Sülz and exit at Weyertal; see 4).

6) If you come by car then good luck for finding a parking space.