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Welcome to my personal site. Here, you can find my research interests, as well as past and current work. There is also an informal CV to be found somewhere below. Finally, ways to reach and/or find me are located on the right (if visiting from a mobile device, use the menu button in the upper right corner. Hope you enjoy your stay!

Seminar: Percolation (Summer Semester 2019)

In this seminar we will take a closer look at an area of probability that originates in a very applied problem, but leads to many interesting theoretical questions. Suppose we submerge a large porous rock into water. Can the water reach its center? In other words, how does a fluid flow in a porous medium where the different channels and paths are randomly blocked? Mathematically speaking, we are interested in the component structure of random subgraphs of graphs.

We will start by looking at the case where the underlying graph is the square lattice \(\mathbb{Z}^2\) and the subgraph is obtained by removing edges independently with some probability \(p > 0\). We will answer questions such as how the choice of \(p\) influences the probability that a fluid percolates across the entire graph and how this behavior changes drastically at some specific value of \(p\). Towards the end of the seminar we will take a closer lo ok at newer results such as conformal invariance and Smirnov’s Theorem.


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Mini CV

Since this is supposed to be a sort of CV website, I should probably list a couple of things that define me. In no specific order, here's a few things I have done.

  • Teaching assistant for programming at the University of Ljubljana
  • MSc in Quantitative Science from ETH Zürich
  • Big data analysis as a forensic consultant for Deloitte
  • Tutoring probability and discrete maths at the University of Bath
  • Coffee drinker

  • PhD at the University of Bath under supervision of Alexandre Stauffer
  • PostDoc in the research group of Peter Mörters at the University of Cologne