A probabilistic corner

A simple personal site and/or mini CV

So, it seems you have stumbled upon my personal corner of the web. You won't find anything terribly important or interesting here, but you might still want to have a look around. If nothing else, I tried making this site pretty to look at. Also, should you want to contact me, you can find various ways of getting in touch listed on the right side. To top it off, I will be putting my research interests/progress up here as well.

Mini CV

Since this is supposed to be a sort of CV website, I should probably list a couple of things that define me. In no specific order, here's a few things I have done.

  • Teaching assistant for programming
    at the University of Ljubljana (2007-2011)
  • MSc in Quantitative Science
    from ETH Zürich
  • Big data analysis as a forensic
    consultant for Deloitte in 2014
  • Tutoring probability and discrete maths
    at the University of Bath from 2014 on
  • Drink a lot of coffee. Like, seriously, way too much coffee!
  • PhD at the University of Bath under supervision of Alexandre Stauffer
  • Did I mention coffee? Obscene amounts
    of coffee?
  • PostDoc in the research group of Peter Mörters at the University of Cologne


  • Percolation of Lipschitz surface and tight bounds on the spread of information among mobile agents
    with Alexandre Stauffer, APPROX-RANDOM 2018: 39:1-39:17
    arXiv: 1806.01140 (2018)
  • Multi-scale Lipschitz percolation of increasing events for Poisson random walks
    with Alexandre Stauffer, to appear in Annals of Applied Probability
    arXiv: 1702.08748 (2017)
  • Random walks in random conductances: decoupling and spread of infection
    with Alexandre Stauffer
    arXiv:1701:08021 (2017)
  • Aspects of Convex Risk Optimisation
    Peter Gracar
    Master's Thesis (ETH Zürich, Switzerland, 2013)