Global Structures in Geometry and Analysis
Study program
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The Graduiertenkolleg 'global structures' is a structured Ph.D. program supported by the DFG and the mathematical institute of the University of Cologne. The Kolleg features Ph.D. fellowships and an extensive research and teaching program.

Since its projects are mostly located between the classical branches of mathematics, the program unites researchers and Ph.D. students from different mathematical backgrounds, furthering their interdisciplinary exchange and combining their different competences for the study of global structures. Nonetheless, the division into three work groups with additional individual activities guarantees the continued in-depth education of the participants in their own disciplines.

The Kolleg has been established in July 2006 and carries the full title Graduiertenkolleg 1269: Globale Strukturen in Geometrie und Analysis (global structures in geometry and analysis).

Impressum Eine Einrichtung der DFG und des Mathematischen Instituts der Universität Köln