Global Structures in Geometry and Analysis
Study program
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Study program

The study program includes a broad range of activities:

  • Fellow seminar
    Topics of common interest are discussed in a weekly seminar, presented both by guest speakers and the fellows themselves.
  • Work group activities
    In additional seminars and meetings, the three work groups of the Kolleg cover topics specific to their discipline.
  • Lectures and classes
    The supervisors' teaching activity at the mathematical institute is scheduled to provide continous education for the fellows.
  • Block seminars
    Supervisors and fellows hold extended conventions for their interdisciplinary exchange.
  • Summer and winter schools
    International experts are invited to give intensive courses on specific subjects.
  • Study travels
    Fellows travel to work and study with international experts.
  • Soft skills training
    Necessary additional skills such as rhetorics or presentation skills are developed in special block seminars.
  • Integration into existing cooperations
    Fellows participate in the activities of the supervisors' university work groups, both locally and in transregional and international cooperations.

Aside from these scheduled activities, the location of their offices on a separate floor and the daily common lunch gives the fellows plenty of opportunities for discussion.

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