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3.13 The Generic Diagram Editor (TGD)


The generic diagram editor is a diagram editor that has exactly all the features that are described in this chapter.

3.13.1 Nodes and Edges

   The generic diagram editor has just two node types Generic Node, and Comment, and one edge type, Generic edge. It has no immediately enforced and no soft constraints. A generic node can be represented by a number of node shapes and a generic edge can be represented by a number of line types, see figure 3.4.

Note that comment nodes may be connected by edges as well. And given the fact that you can make a comment node invisible by removing its text, you can make rather fancy drawings with TGD.

Figure 3.4: Generic diagram nodes and edges.
{\vert c p{1.0in}\vert c p{1.0in}\...
 ...} \end{minipage} &
 Generic edge \  \hline\end{tabular}\end{center}\end{figure}

Frank Dehne,Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam