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Semyon Klevtsov receives Max Delbrück prize for junior researcher

Dr. Semyon Klevtsov (Mathematical Institute) receives the Max Delbrück prize for junior researcher for the year 2015.The Max Delbrück Prize for junior researchers honors outstanding research in the life and natural sciences performed within the last two years.

Semyon Kletsov received the prize for the development of the random Kähler approach building new links between mathematics and physics. He devolped Kähler quantum gravity as a competitor to Liouville quantum gravity. A central role in this approach is played by the Yau-Tian-Donaldson program in Kähler geometry. He received his Master’s at Moscow State University and his PhD in physics at Rutgers University. He is currently Humboldt Fellow at the institute of Mathematics of the University of Cologne.

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