Starting point Directions Frequency1 Duration2
Cologne-Bonn Airport Take the S-Bahn (local train) S13 to Köln Hauptbahnhof  (= Hbf., see Cologne Central Station).
You need a CityTicket Köln, category 1b.
20-30 Min. about 20 Min. drive time airport - Hbf.
Düsseldorf International Airport There are a variety of direct train connections to Hauptbahnhof Köln starting from the long-distance railway station at the airport, as well as a connection from Terminalbahnhof (change train at Düsseldorf Central Station). Please see the websites of the public transportation providers (German Rail, VRS), to get the best connection.   30-50 Min.
Köln Hauptbahnhof (= Hbf., Cologne central station) Go to the main entrance hall (direction Dom, near platform 1). Take the stairs down to the underground station Dom/Hauptbahnhof. Take any of the undergound lines 16 or 18 in the direction of Neumarkt. Leave the subway station and go to the bus stop for the bus lines 136 und 146. (see Neumarkt) regularly about 4 Min. drive time Hbf.-Neumarkt
Köln-Süd (train station, Cologne-south) Take the tram number 9, direction Sülz. Leave the tram at the second stop "Weyertal" (see Tram stop Weyertal). 10 Min. 2 Min.
Neumarkt (major bus and tram stop) Take any of the buses 136 oder 146 (they go in only one direction). Exit at Hildegardis-Krankenhaus (see Hildegardis-Krankenhaus). 10 Min. about 10 Min. bus ride
Hildegardis-Krankenhaus (bus stop, hospital) Cross the street at the traffic light right in front of the bus stop. Continue straight ahead into the street Weyertal. You find the Division of Mathematics building on your left at the next corner. (An St. Laurentius). (Map)   about 5 min. walking
Weyertal (tram stop) Continue in the direction of travel. After a couple of meters make a right turn into the first street (Weyertal). You will find the Division of Mathematics building on your right at the third corner (An St. Laurentius). (Map)
  about 11 min. walking

1 Departure periods apply during about 6-21 h. Early morning and late in the evening hours, reduced traffic. At night except on weekends, no traffic.
2 The above-mentioned time intervals always refer to the next specified destination. The total duration is calculated by summing these individual times plus waiting times.

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