April 2-13: ICERM semester program „Point configurations in geometry, physics, and computer science“, Brown, Providence RI
June 2-3: Conference: Jörgshop, TU Berlin
June 6-8: Conference: CTW 2017, Cologne
October 9-18: Research visit: The Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø
April 6-8: Conference: SIGOPT 2016, Trier
July 18-29: The São Paulo School of Advanced Science on Algorithms, Combinatorics,
and Optimization., University of São Paulo
August 2-5 : FRICO 2016 – 20th Workshop on Future Research in Combinatorial Optimization, Osnabrück
December 13-14: Workshop „Combinatorial Optimization meets Parameterized Complexity“, Bonn
March 22-26: Third ERC Workshop: „Discrete Models in Geometry and Topology“, FU Berlin
June 29-July 10: BMS Summer School “Convex geometry: discrete and computational”, Berlin
August 11-14: FRICO 2015 – 19th Workshop on Future Research in Combinatorial Optimization, Cologne
October 1-2: Workshop: „Efficient algorithms in game theory, optimization and data science“, Aachen
October 21-23: Conference: „Panorama of Mathematics“, Hausdorff Center Bonn
June 8-14: Oberwolfach seminar: Recent Methods in Sphere Packing and Optimization