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Symplectic Methods in PDEs

Local Information


All lectures will take place in the ground floor lecture room of Seminargebäude, close to the main university building (# 106 on the map, marked by an arrow, see here for an outside view. The department of mathematics is also marked, by a circle). Refreshments during the coffee breaks will be available in the same building and we will have an information desk nearby.


We will take care of booking a hotel room for all invited speakers who ask us to do so by ?? ??, 2021, see the registration page. The coordinates are:

Hotel Flandrischer Hof
Flandrische Straße 3 - 11
50674 Köln

Other participants are kindly asked to make their own hotel booking. If you prefer to stay at Flandrischer Hof, we have reserved a contingent of rooms that will be available until ?? ??, 2021. To receive the special rates, mention "??" upon booking (single room: € ?? per night; double room, single occupancy: € ?? per night, both including breakfast; a city tax of 5% will be added).

How to get to Cologne

Most European visitors will either take the train to Cologne main station ("Köln Hauptbahnhof") or arrive by air at Cologne/Bonn Airport (Code: CGN). Visitors from overseas will usually fly in to Frankfurt/Main Airport (Code: FRA). From Frankfurt, there is an efficient and fast ICE train connection to Cologne. Therefore do not try to change flights in Frankfurt and fly in to Cologne. If you arrive with Lufthansa or StarAlliance, note that the train connection Frankfurt Airport <-> Cologne has a Lufthansa flight number, and usually you will get the train ride for free as a "connecting flight". Düsseldorf airport (code: DUS) is also close to Cologne. At Düsseldorf airport there is a train station from where there are frequent connections to "Köln Hauptbahnhof".

How to get to Hotel Flandrischer Hof

From Köln Hauptbahnhof

If you arrive at Cologne main station ("Köln Hauptbahnhof"), then proceed downstairs to the subway station that is located under the main entrance hall of the train station at the side of the cathedral. From there take a subway (# 16 or 18, direction to "Neumarkt") and get off at "Neumarkt" (2 stops). Then walk up the stairs to find the tram station (take # 1, direction to "Weiden" or # 7, direction to "Frechen"). Get off at the next stop called "Rudolfplatz". The trip is EUR 2.00 (look for K="Kurzstrecke"=short trip; up to 4 stops in total, count starts at 1 where you board the tram) and tickets can be bought from the vending machines in the stations, at some stops and inside the trams. If you know a bit of the city center, maybe you prefer to walk directly to Rudolfplatz; this should take about 15 minutes from the main station. Once you are at "Rudolfplatz" the hotel is within 1 minute walking distance: cross Rudolfplatz and take the next street to the right.

From Köln Messe/Deutz

Many regional or long-distance trains also stop at "Köln Messe/Deutz", from where you can directly get on tram # 1, direction to "Weiden" or # 7, direction to "Frechen", without changing at "Neumarkt". Then follow the instructions from the last paragraph. From "Köln Messe/Deutz" it is too far to walk to the hotel.

From Köln-Bonn Airport

Take a local train or S-Bahn from Köln/Bonn airport to either "Köln Hauptbahnhof" or "Köln Messe/Deutz" and then follow the instructions above. You will need a ticket "Preisstufe 1b" which costs EUR 3.00. A taxi will be about EUR 50-60.

How to get from Hotel Flandrischer Hof to Hörsaalgebäude

It is easy to walk from the hotel, see here.

For a bus ride, walk to "Rudolfplatz" which is just around the corner from the hotel. There look for buses # 136 (direction to "Hohenlind") or # 146 (direction to "Deckstein") and take either bus to exit at "Hildegardis-Krankenhaus". Then check this map to locate Hörsaalgebäude (marked by an arrow). For each of the bus trips you will need to buy a ticket K="Kurzstrecke"=short trip, which is EUR 2.00.

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