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Summer School 2007 in Cologne

Local Information


The school will take place at the Institute of Mathematics of the University of Cologne, Germany. Cologne is at the center of Europe's train network and is serviced by a large number of inexpensive no-frills-airlines.

The speakers and most participants will stay at the Hotel "Flandrischer Hof", located in the centre of Cologne and easily reached from the Institute.

Universität zu Köln
Mathematisches Institut
Weyertal 86-90
50931 Köln

Hotel Flandrischer Hof
Flandrische Straße 3 - 11
50674 Köln

You can find further information and several maps here.
Information about the city, including a map of it can be found at
Additional information about public transport can be found in

How to get to Cologne

Most European visitors will either take the train to Cologne main station ("Köln Hauptbahnhof") or arrive by air at Cologne/Bonn Airport (Code: CGN) using a no-frills-airline. Visitors from overseas will usually land in Frankfurt/Main Airport (Code: FRA). Form Frankfurt, there is a very efficient and ultra-fast train connection to Cologne: do not try to change flights in Frankfurt and fly into Cologne. If you arrive with Lufthansa or StarAlliance, note that the train connection Frankfurt Airport <-> Cologne has a Lufthansa flight number. You can very conveniently check in and out at Cologne Main Station (Airport code: QKL), and you will often get the train ride for free as a "connecting flight". Düsseldorf airport (code: DUS) is also close to Cologne.

How to get to the Hotel

From Köln Hauptbahnhof

If you arrive to Cologne main train station (Köln Hauptbahnhof), go to the subway station that is located in the main entrance of the train station and take there metro number 16, 17 or 18 direction "Neumarkt". Get out of the subway in Neumarkt and take there tramway number 1 direction  "Weiden" or 7 direction "Frechen". Descend at the next stop named "Rudolfsplatz". This trip costs 1.20 euro, and tickets can be bought in the vending machines  (look for "Kurzstrecke") in the stations, some stops and inside the trams. Unfortunately only coins are accepted. If you know a bit of the city center, maybe you prefer to walk directly to Rudolfsplatz; this should take 15 minutes from the main station. Once at the tramway stop  "Rudolfsplatz" the Hotel is 1 minute walking from there: Cross Rudolfsplatz and take the next street to the right.

From Köln Messe/Deutz

A lot of trains also stop in Köln Messe/Deutz, where you can directly take the tramways number 1 direction "Weiden" and 7 direction "Frechen" until the stop named "Rudolfsplatz".  The trip costs 1.20 euro ("Kurzstrecke") , and tickets can be bought in the vending machines  in the stations, some stops and inside the trams. Only coins are accepted. Once at the tramway stop  "Rudolfsplatz" follow the instructions above.

From Köln-Bonn Airport

Take the train from Cologne/Bonn airport direction Köln Messe/Deutz and take there tramways number 1 and 7 as explained above. For this trip you need a ticket 1B that costs 2.10 euros.

How to  get to the Mathematical Institute

From Hotel Flandrischer Hof

Take the tramways number 1 direction "Weiden" and 7 direction "Frechen" until the stop named "Universitätsstraße".  The trip costs ~1.40 euro ("Kurzstrecke"). Cross and walk Universitätsstraße direction south for 1 kilometer, cross Dürener Straße then turn right and follow Bachemer Straße for 200 meters. Turn left into Weyertal. You will find the Mathematical Institute on the left side, in the corner of Weyertal with An St. Laurentius.

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