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  • Books:
    1. M. Kunze: Non-Smooth Dynamical Systems,
           Lecture Notes in Mathematics Vol. 1744, Springer
           Berlin-New York 2000

    2. M. Kunze: A Birman-Schwinger Principle in Galactic Dynamics,
           Birkhäuser/Springer, Cham 2021

  • Papers:

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: The files to download are preprints but not the final versions that did appear or that are to appear.
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           of plasma corners,
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            to appear (!?) in Proc. 2. Int. Conf. Diff. Equ., Marrakesh 1995,
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            also available from

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    83. É. Amorim, H. Andréasson & M. Kunze: Proof of the Einstein quadrupole formula for solutions of the
            Einstein-Vlasov system close to Minkowski spacetime,
            also available from

  • Theses:

    1. Das relativistische Vlasov-Maxwell-System partieller Differential-
           gleichungen zu Anfangsdaten mit nichtkompaktem Träger,
           Diploma thesis, Ludwig Maximilians-Universität München 1991 (238 pp.)

    2. Beiträge zur Theorie halbverdichtender Operatoren in Banachräumen
           mit einer Anwendung auf ein freies Randwertproblem aus der
           Ph.D. thesis, Ludwig Maximilians-Universität München 1994 (133 pp.)

    3. Contributions to the Theory of Semicondensing Vectorfields
           in Banach spaces with an Application to a Free Boundary Problem
           Arising in Plasma Physics
           (english translation of 2.)

    4. Non-Smooth Dynamical Systems
           Habilitation thesis, Universität zu Köln 1998 (153 pp.)

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