I am mainly interested in various areas of number theory, especially automorphic forms, partitions, elliptic curves, L-functions.

My current field of research are automorphic forms and their relation to number theoretic or combinatorial objects. In particular, I am interested in Fourier coefficients of (harmonic) Maass forms and their arithmetic importance.


  1. New Directions in the Theory of Universal Zeta- and L-Functions, Universität Würzburg, 6.10-10.10.2008

  2. Mock theta functions and applications in combinatorics, algebraic geometry, and mathematical physics, MPI Bonn, 25.5-29.5.2009

  3. Rational Points - Theory & Experiment, ETH Zuerich, 25.5-29.5.2010

  4. Prospects in q-series and modular forms, UCD Dublin, 14.7-16.7.2010