Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

Discontinuous Galerkin methods, Spectral element methods, Summation-by-parts operators, skew-symmetric formulations, discrete entropy stability, multi-scale problems, large eddy simulation, compressible Euler and Navier-Stokes simulations, ideal and resistive MHD equations, Shallow Water equations, high performance computing, massively parallel simulations, post processing and visualisation of big piecewise polynomial data, high order mesh generation.



1998 - 1999University of Innsbruck, Austria
Studies in Astrophysics
1999 - Dec. 2004University of Stuttgart, Germany
Studies in Aerospace Engineering
degree: Dipl.-Ing. with grade "A"
2002 - Feb. 2005University of Stuttgart, Germany
Studies in Mathematics
degree: Dipl.-Math. with grade "A"
March - June 2005Graz University of Technology, Austria
Research Associate, Mathematical Institute D
Aug. 2005 - Oct. 2008University of Stuttgart, Germany
Dissertation, Institute for Aerodynamics and Gasdynamics
Main-referee: Prof. Dr. Claus-Dieter Munz
Co-referee: Prof. Dr. Jan S. Hesthaven
degree: "summa cum laude"


Academic Positions

2008 - 2009University of Stuttgart, Germany
Postdoctoral Research Fellow,
Institute for Aerodynamics and Gasdynamics
2009 - 2013University of Stuttgart, Germany
"Akademischer Rat a.Z." (Lecturer),
Institute for Aerodynamics and Gasdynamics
January 2013 First place/Offer: Assistant Professor Tenure Track (W1) in
"Turbulence Simulation for Acoustic Sources",
Institute for Fluiddynamics, Braunschweig. Rejected
August 2013 First place/Offer: Professor (W2) in "Applied Mathematics",
Mathematical Institute, Cologne
December 2013University of Cologne, Germany
Associate Professor in Applied Mathematics/Scientific Computing
April 2014First place/Offer: Professor (W2) in "Numerical Analysis/
Scientific Computing", Institute for Mathematics,
TUHH, Hamburg. Rejected
Oktober 2017First place/Offer: Professor (W3) in "Scientific Computing (Wissenschaftliches Rechnen)", Department of Mathematics,
University Hamburg, Hamburg. Rejected
Oktober 2018University of Cologne, Germany
Full Professor (W3) in Applied Mathematics/Scientific Computing