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10.01.- 11.01.2014

'Seminar Sophus Lie' - 46th meeting 

Paderborn Link
06.02.- 08.02.2014

Workshop "Cluster Algebras and Combinatorics"

Münster Link

Workshop "New Perspectives in Hyperplane and Reflection Arrangements"

Bochum Link
11.02. - 12.02.2014

Mini-Conference "Representations of finite reductive groups"

Kaiserslautern Link
26.02.- 28.02.2014

PARTE: Probability and representation theory in Edinburgh
Registration by Email to Iain Gordon till Nov. 30th
Reimbursement of travel cost

Edinburgh Link
16.03.- 21.03.2014

Conference Global/Local Conjectures in Representation Theory of Finite Groups

Banff Link
24.03.- 27.03.2014

Annual conference of the DFG priority programme in Representation Theory, SPP 1388
Registration till 31.01.2014

Soltau Link
08.05.- 10.05.2014

Algebra & Representation Theory for Young Researchers 2

Universität Erlangen Link
15.05.- 16.05.2014

Colloquium in honour of the 75th birthday of Helmut Lenzing

Bielefeld University Link
19.05.- 23.05.2014

Summer school on "PBW filtrations and degenerations of flag varieties"
Reimbursement of travel cost

University of Glasgow Link
29.05.- 31.05.2014

'Seminar Sophus Lie' - 47th meeting
Registration deadline 15.04.2014

Rauischholzhausen (near Marburg) Link
02.06.- 11.07.2014

'Algebraic Groups and Representations'- Lecture, Conference and Workshop
Reimbursement of travel cost

University of Lyon Link
09.06.- 13.06.2014

Young Algebraists' Conference 2014 (Summer School and Conference)

EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland Link
12.06.- 14.06.2014

Workshop "Non-crossing partitions in representation theory"

Bielefeld University Link
16.06.- 18.06.2014

Workshop: "Hodge theory and unitary representations of reductive Lie groups"

Jacobs University Bremen Link
16.06.- 27.06.2014

Summer School on Quiver Hecke Algebras and Conference of the European Network in Representation Theory
Reimbursement of travel cost

Institut d’Etudes Scientifiques de Cargese, Corsica Link
24.06.- 27.06.2014

Postgraduate Group Theory Conference 2014
For registration (open in April) or recieving updates send an Email Reimbursement of travel cost

University of Birmingham Link
21.07.- 22.07.2014

Conference:  "Mathematical Landings: A Norman conference in geometry and representation theory"

Lingeard, France Link
21.07.- 24.07.2014

Kent Algebra Days Young Researchers
Reimbursement of travel cost

University of Kent (Canterbury) Link
24.07.- 25.07.2014

Workshop on Lie groups and algebraic groups

University Bielefeld Link
21.07.- 25.07.2014

Summer School on Quantum Groups and Integrability – Algebraic, Analytic and Geometric Aspects

Universität Hamburg Link
18.08.- 22.0.2014

Summer School on Derivators

University of Freiburg Link
25.08.- 29.08.2014

"Algebraic Lie theory and representation theory" LMS-CMI Research School Glasgow
Reimbursement of travel cost

University of Glasgow Link
25.08.- 29.08.2014

Workshop "Integrability and Cluster Algebras: Geometry and Combinatorics"

ICERM, Brown University, Providence, USA Link
25.08.- 29.08.2014

Summer School 2014 "Conformal Field Theory and Nichols Algebras"

Rauischholzhausen, Germany Link
28.08.- 01.09.2014

Workshop "Enveloping Algebras and Representation Theory" (EART)

Memorial University of Newfoundland in St. John's, NL, Canada Link
01.09.- 05.09.2014

Algebraic Lie theory and representation theory
Reimbursement of travel cost

ICMS, University of Edinburgh Link
08.09.- 12.09.2014

Representations of Algebraic Groups and Related Objects (AlgDar2014)

Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena Link
08.09.- 12.09.2014

Workshop on Diagram Algebras

University of Stuttgart Link
17.09.- 20.09.2014

Thematic Session (Minisymposium) Group Rings and Related Topics

Poznan, Poland Link
22.09.- 26.09.2014

Algebraic Groups, finite Groups, Geometry, Representations: 50 years of Chevalley Seminar
Reimbursement of travel cost

Aix Marseille University Link
07.11.- 08.11.2014

Darstellungstheorie-Tage 2014

TU Kaiserslautern Link
13.11.- 15.11.2014

Maurice Auslander Memorial Workshop

Bielefeld University Link

Abschiedskolloquium Prof. Dr. Klaus Bongartz

Bergischen Universitaet Wuppertal Link

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