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The Abel Prize

There is no Nobel Prize for mathematics. For mathematics there ist the comparable Abelprize, endowed with 6.000.000 Norwegian crowns (€ 700.000) that is awarded annually by the king of Norway.

The Fields Medal

A Person can receive the Fields Medal, or using its official name, the International Medal for Outstanding Discoveries in Mathematics, only if that person has not reached the age of 40 by January 1 of the year of the awarding of the prize. The awards ceremony takes place every four years during the international conference of the International Mathematical Union. Each time two to four medals are awarded.

The Nevanlinna Prize

Like the Fields Medal, the Nevanlinna Prize is also awarded by the IMU for extraordinary contributions to Mathematical Aspects of Information Sciences.

The Clay Research Award

The Clay Mathematics Institute awards this annual Prize in recognition of major breakthroughs in mathematical research.

The Millennium Problems

In the year 2000 the Clay Institute allocated $ 7.000.000 for the solution of seven problems that have fascinated mathematicians over a long period of time. A person who solves one of these "millennium" problems receives $ 1.000.000. A solution is recognized as such if, after publication in a highly ranked mathematical journal, it is accepted by the mathematical community.




The Leibniz Prize

The Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize is a grant from the German Research Foundation. Up to ten prizes are awarded yearly. They are awarded each with a sum of up to €2.5 million.

Other prizes awarded by the German Research Foundation can be found at the following webseite.


The Cantor Medal

The Georg Cantor Medal is awarded at most every two years upon resolution of the executive committee of the Association of German Mathematicians (DMV) at its annual conference.


The Mediaprize of the Association of German Mathematicians (DMV)

Every two years the Association of German Mathematicians (DMV) Mediaprize of €4.000 in recognition of outstanding efforts to popularize mathematics.


The Staudt Prize

The Karl Georg Christian von Staudt Prize, a German mathematics prize, is awarded every three or four years for outstanding achievements in pure mathematics.


The Alfred Krupp Prize

Since 1986 the Alfred Krupp Prize has been awarded annually to young professors.These young scholars, at the beginning of a promising academic career, receive a sum of € 1 million for their work.





The Klaus Liebrecht Prize

The Klaus Liebrecht Prize is awarded annually by the University of Cologne for outstanding doctoral or diploma theses.

The University Prize

The University Prize of the University of Cologne is awarded in recognition of outstanding academic achievements carried out at the university.

The Albertus Magnus Prize for Teaching

The Albertus Magnus Prize for Teaching is awarded by the students of individual subjects within the framework of quality management.

The Herrmann Dissertation Prize

The Mathematical Institute of the University of Cologne awards it own dissertation prize in memory of our untimely deceased colleague, Prof. Manfred Herrmann, endowed by his widow.This prize is granted for outstanding dissertations in pure mathematics. The Herrmann Prize has been awarded five times:

  • 2000 to Sascha Orlik

  • 2003 to Marc Nieper-Wißkirchen

  • 2008 to Ghislain Fourier and Steffen Oppermann  

  • 2014 to Michael Mertens  



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