Erasmus at the Mathematical Institute Cologne

The Erasmus Programme is an EU funded programme which encourages students in higher education to spend part of their studies in another European country. Studying abroad can be a life changing experience. You will gain new perspectives on your academic subject, acquire new or improved language skills, return more motivated, independent and confident. Other benefit is that you will learn a range of life-skills not taught in the lecture theatre and, not the least, you will stand out in the job market.

Partner institutions

Die Auswahl und akademische Beratung übernimmt Ihr Erasmus-Koordinator am MI.
Kommen Sie bitte in der Erasmus-Sprechstunde für eine Beratung.
Die Bewerbung besteht aus Motivationsschreiben, Lebenslauf und Notenspiegel in einem einzigen pdf Datei.
Die Bewerbung sollte an erasmus at geschickt werden.

Sprachniveau, Nominierungsfristen für die jeweiligen Partner

Die administrative Organisation und das finanzielle Management übernimmt die zentrale ERASMUS-Koordination im Akademischen Auslandsamt: Mittelverwaltung, Auszahlung der Mobilitätszuschüsse,
Beratung der Studierenden auch in administrativer Hinsicht.

Austausch Möglichkeiten außerhalb ERASMUS:
Studium in Ausland auf der Seite des Akademischen Auslandsamtes

Multimedia online portal that guides you through the application process and also supports you
in preparing for your studies at the University of Cologne. UKI includes a wide range of functions,
e.g. a timeline with systematic checklists, task functions, and general useful information.

Student Counselling of the Mathematical Institute
Information about lectures, registration, ECTS points, transcript of records.

Central Student Counselling of the University of Cologne
Information and advice concerning practical questions such as Klips.

Course catalogues
Current course catalogue, catalogue archive, medium-term course planning.
The course catalogue for the upcoming semester appears near the end of each semester. Before the final catalogue appears, check the medium-term course planning to see what lectures should be offered.

Study and examination regulations, module handbooks
The module handbooks contain description of the courses and number of ECTS points for each course.
The instruction language is by default German, unless not specified otherwise.
Bachelor lectures are always given in German, Master lectures and some seminars
could be given in English at request.
Please check directly with the instructor if she/he is willing to give the lecture or seminar in English.

Useful information
Accomodation, registration, living costs, language courses, pubs and clubs.

Useful links
Erasmus+ (on the European Commission Website)

Prof. Dr. G. Marinescu

erasmus at