Department ChairZwegers, Sander, Prof. Dr.
Division ManagerKunoth, Angela, Prof. Dr.
ManagementHorstmann, Dirk, apl. Prof. Dr.
BA, MA, Diploma Examination OfficeWienands, Roman, Dr.
Intermediate Examination Office for TeachersGeiges, Hansjörg, Prof. Ph.D.(Cantab)
Student Counselling BA, MA, Diploma (Mathematics and Business Mathematics)Wienands, Roman, Dr.
Student Counselling for Teachers (Mathematics)Wienands, Roman, Dr.
Student Counselling for Business Mathematics (for subjects offered by the Faculty of Math and Natural Sciences)
LibrarySeidel, Petra
Data ProcessingBehrend, Jörg, Dr.
Körber, Holger, Dipl.Ing.
Information / Math-NetBehrend, Jörg, Dr.
Responsible for safetyKörber, Holger, Dipl.Ing.
Main officeGeorg, Angela
Office Prof. BringmannEisele, Sabine
Office Prof. BurbanKlaas, Janina
Office Prof. VallentinKoenen, Annette
Office Prof. DrewitzAnderka, Heidi
Office Prof. GassnerMusielack-Erle, Sabine
Office Prof. GeigesBröders, Sabine
Office Prof. KlawonnMusielack-Erle, Sabine
Office Prof. KunothBasmaji, Christine
Office Prof. KunzeJenkins, Neola
Office Prof. LittelmannWehmeyer, Barbara
Office Prof. LytchakKlaas, Janina
Office Prof. MarinescuSausen, Vera-Angelika
Sausen, Vera-Angelika
Office Prof. SabatiniQuadt, Gaby
Office Prof. SchmidliAnderka, Heidi
Office Prof. SweersQuadt, Gaby
Office N. N.Jenkins, Neola
Office Prof. ZwegersSausen, Vera-Angelika
Certification in Mathematics for students changing to a different university
Certification for BAföG (Educational Maintenance Allowance)
Project: "Still in school but already at university" (see link)Halbritter, Ulrich, Dr.
OrdersHalbritter, Ulrich, Dr.
BA, MA Examination Office
Wiesendorf, Stephan, Dr.