Summer School
Geometry and Combinatorics in Representation Theory of Lie Algebras

Crystals, Path-Model, Quiver Varieties

October 4 - 8, 2010
Cologne, Germany

Organizers   Ghislain Fourier (Cologne)    Michael Ehrig (Bonn)
Supported by DFG-Schwerpunkt 1388 "Darstellungstheorie"

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The workshop will start on Monday morning at 9:00 with the first lecture in the "Seminarraum Theoretische Physik" at the Physics Institute (map), the registration will take place in the same room, 15 minutes before the first lecture and afterwards in the first coffee break.

Lunch/Coffee breaks

As listed on the schedule there will be two coffee breaks, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, except on Wednesday and Friday.

In addition there is a two hour lunch break each day. There are different possibilities for lunch, you can of course go to the students cafeteria (on the map here, it is the building with the number 118) or you can go to one of the many restaurants on the "Zülpicher Strasse" (the large street next to the physics institute) behind the train station "Köln Süd", which you can see on the map. Both are affordable options with the student's cafeteria being a bit cheaper.


You will receive an account for the wireless network of the university, which can be used in the physics department, where the summer school takes place, but also in most other buildings of the university.

Evening Entertainment/Social Events

On Monday and Thursday evening there will be no official evening events, but you are welcome to join the organisers and the local participants in some of the pubs. Tuesday evening there will be a "conference dinner" at a beer garden or pub.

Wednesday afternoon will be free for everyone to enjoy sight seeing in Cologne. There will be no official tour, but feel free to ask the locals for tips and suggestions.

Accommodation/Travel Support

If you receive any financial support, this will be dealt with on Tuesday morning.