Summer School
Geometry and Combinatorics in Representation Theory of Lie Algebras

Crystals, Path-Model, Quiver Varieties

October 4 - 8, 2010
Cologne, Germany

Organizers   Ghislain Fourier (Cologne)    Michael Ehrig (Bonn)
Supported by DFG-Schwerpunkt 1388 "Darstellungstheorie"

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Travel Information

Maps and informations on how to get to the physics institute can be found here. The site also lists which kind of ticket you have to use for the public transportation.


In addition to the numerous websites where you can find hotels in Cologne, we have listed a number of options below.

Hotel Schwan

Dürener Straße 235

50931 Köln

Tel.: (0221) 402417

Fax: (0221) 4009990

This hotel has no website, so you have to call them to make a reservation.

Hotel Elite

Meister-Gerhardt-Straße 26

50674 Köln

Tel.: (0221) 31069220

Website: Hotel Elite an der Universität


There are a number of hostels in Cologne.

Website: Hostels in Cologne

Website: Hostel in Cologne Deutz