PDE Approaches to Image Processing


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Saturday, October 7, 2006

14:00–15:30 Registration
15:30 Herbert Amann (Zurich): Time-delayed Perona Malik equations
16:30–17:00 Break
17:00 Karol Mikula (Bratislava): Finite volume methods in image processing
18:00 Antonio Buades Capo (Palma): Relationship between the neighbourhood filters and PDEs

Sunday, October 8, 2006

10:00 Michal Beneš (Prague): Geometrical image segmentation by the Allen-Cahn equation
11:00 Selim Esedoglu (Ann Arbor): Upper bounds on the coarsening rate of a discrete, ill-posed, nonlinear diffusion equation
12:00–14:30 Break (Conference Lunch)
15:30 Gerd Dziuk (Freiburg): Surface finite elements for parabolic equations
16:30–17:00 Break
17:00 Vicent Caselles (Barcelona): Total variation based image denoising and restoration
18:00 Martin Rumpf (Bonn): Joint methods in morphological image processing

Monday, October 9, 2006

10:00 Antonin Chambolle (Palaiseau): Total variation minimization and snakes
11:00 Charlie Elliott (Brighton): Numerical solution of PDEs on implicit surfaces
12:00–13:30 Break
13:30 Discussion
15:30 Eugene Postnikov (Kursk): PDE approach to evaluation of the continuous wavelet transform and its applications
16:30–17:00 Break
17:00 Joachim Weickert (Saarbrücken): Integrodifferential equations for image denoising
18:00 Wolfgang Ring (Graz): Newton level-set techniques for geometric optimization problems in image processing

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

10:00 Daniel Cremers (Bonn): Statistical shape information in level set segmentation
11:00 Robert McCann (Toronto): Second and fourth order diffusions from delocalized sources: focusing geometry and asymptotics
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