Snapshot: Postdoctoral researcher Dr. Andrés Rueda-Ramírez joins our research group

Andrés M. Rueda-Ramírez completed his undergraduate studies in Mechanical Engineering at the National University of Colombia (Universidad Nacional de Colombia, UNAL). After graduating, he worked as a research and teaching assistant at the Research Group on biomechanics at UNAL, where he collaborated with a highly interdisciplinary team in the development of a Finite Element software to simulate bone growing processes.

AMRR completed his Ph.D. studies in Aerospace Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid). During his Ph.D., AMRR studied and developed p-adaptation algorithms, implicit time-integration schemes, and multigrid solvers for high-order Discontinuous Galerkin Spectral Element Methods (DGSEM).

AMRR is now a member of the Numerical Simulation Research Group at the University of Cologne, where he joined the development team of the DGSEM code FLUXO. AMRR is currently working on sub-cell shock-capturing schemes and time integrators for the Navier-Stokes and the MHD equations.