Welcome to Homepage of the Algebra Group at Cologne!

The research focus of our group is mainly on the various aspects of representation theory both of algebraic groups and of algebras.

We are particularly interested in the connections of representation theory with other areas of mathematics and how the same representation theoretic object can often be studied with different methods from algebraic combinatorics,
algebraic geometry, differential geometry, number theory, operator theory, symplectic geometry and topology.


XIV International Algebra Conference in Ukraine, 03rd-7th July 2023

SFB/TRR 191 Retreat in Köln, 28th-29th August 2023 https://sites.google.com/view/crctrr191cologne2023/home

τ-tilting Research School, 05th-08th September 2023 https://sites.google.com/view/tau-tilting-school-cologne

Flashtalks in Representation Theory IV, 05th January 2024 https://wiki.math.ntnu.no/flashtalks/2024


New: Annals of Representation Theory – new diamond open access journal launched in 2022. Prof Peter Littelmann is on the editorial board and Prof Sibylle Schroll is one of the Editors in Chief for the journal. https://art.centre-mersenne.org/

Dr. Lang Mou started on 1st March 2023 in Cologne on project C7 as part of SFB/TRR 191