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Department of Mathematics
University of Cologne
Weyertal 86-90
50931 Köln

littelmann at math dot uni-koeln dot de

My research is in Representation Theory, the focus being on the interaction of representation theory with geometry and combinatorics. Here are some key words: representation theory of algebraic groups, semisimple Lie algebras, Kac-Moody groups, quantum groups, geometric constructions of representations, geometry of flag varieties and Schubert varieties, spherical varieties, building theory, associated combinatorial tools like Young tableaux, crystals, path model, galleries in a building, string polytopes, Newton-Okounkov bodies,…

Vorlesungen und Seminare (Wintersemester 2023/24):

  • Darstellungstheorie, Geometrie und Kombinatorik
  • Seminar TBA
  • Köln Algebra Seminar
  • Oberseminar Darstellungstheorie für Algebren und Algebraische Gruppen
  • ABCD Seminar

Vorlesungen und Seminare (Sommersemester 2023):

  • Lie Algebra
  • Darstellung der GL(n), Fahnenvarietäten und Standardmonomentheorie
  • Köln Algebra Seminar
  • Oberseminar Darstellungstheorie für Algebren und Algebraische Gruppen
  • ABCD Seminar

Editorial activity

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A short CV

Studies at the universities in HamburgBasel and at the Brandeis University,  PhD at the Universität Basel,  postdoc positions at the Università degli studi di Roma “La Sapienza” and at the Université de Grenoble, habilitation at the Universität Basel, visiting professorship at the Universität Bern, professorship at the Université de Strasbourg, membre junior of the Institut universitaire de France, professorship at the Universität Wuppertal, visiting professorship at UC Berkeley / MSRI, since 2005 professor at the Universität zu Köln, member of the board of the German Mathematical Society 2008-2012, speaker of the DFG-Graduate School Darstellungstheorie und ihre Anwendungen in Mathematik und Physik, speaker of the DFG-Priority Programm SPP 1388 Representation Theory.