1. A. Heimendahl, M. Lücke, F. Vallentin, M. C. Zimmermann (2022)
A semidefinite program for least distortion embeddings of flat tori into Hilbert spaces
2. M. Zurel, C. Okay, R. Raussendorf, A. Heimendahl (2021)
Hidden Variable Model for Quantum Computation with Magic States on Any Number of Qudits of Any Dimension

Papers in Journals
1. A. Heimendahl, M. Heinrich, D. Gross
The axiomatic and the operational approaches to resource theories of magic do not coincide, Journal of Mathematical Physics, 63, 112201 (2022)
2. A. Heimendahl, A. Marafioti, A. Thiemeyer, F. Vallentin, M.C. Zimmermann, Critical even unimodular lattices in the Gaussian core model, International Mathematics Research Notices, 2022
3. A. Heimendahl, F. Montealegre-Mora, F. Vallentin, D. Gross
Stabilizer extent is not multiplicative, Quantum 5, 400 (2021)

Master Thesis
The Stabilizer Polytope and Contextuality
for Qubit Systems

PhD Thesis
Geometric optimization problems in quantum computation and discrete mathematics: Stabilizer states and lattices