Symplectic Structures in Geometry, Algebra and Dynamics
Collaborative Research Centre TRR 191
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Dynamics & Variational Methods
B2: Minimal geodesics
Knieper, Kunze
This project investigates minimal geodesics on complete Riemannian manifolds with non-compact universal cover, in particular their ergodic properties w.r.t. naturally defined invariant measures. We shall also deal with twist maps featuring non-periodic angles, which exclude the application of KAM theory or Aubry-Mather theory. However, the dynamics of the minimizing orbits are deeply connected to those described in classic results of Hedlund for the 2-torus. Hence we plan to transfer the techniques from the non-periodic angles setting to establish structural phenomena of minimal geodesics (like recurrence) on non-compact cylinders, for instance.
Prof. Gerhard Knieper (PI)
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phone: 0234 / 32 22381
room: IB 3/183
Faculty of Mathematics
Ruhr-University Bochum
Prof. Markus Kunze (PI)
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room: 129
Mathematical Institute
University of Cologne
Stefan Klempnauer (ds)
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room: IB 3/53
Faculty of Mathematics
Ruhr-University Bochum
Henrik Schließauf, M.Sc. (ds)
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Mathematical Institute
University of Cologne
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