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07.01.- 12.01.2016

Total positivity: a bridge between Representation theory and Physics
supported by the Anglo-Franco-German Representation Theory Network

University of Kent (Canterbury campus) Link

Groups and their Applications - 6th meeting: Representations of Groups

University of Birmingham Link

Mini-Workshop Spherical Functors and Subcategories

University of Cologne Link
15.02.- 17.02.2016

Representation Theory of Symmetric Groups and Related Topics

University of Kaiserslautern Link
15.02.- 19.02.2016

Workshop "Complete reducibility, geometric invariant theory and buildings"

Bochum Link
08.03.- 11.03.2016

SP 1388 - Workshop Lie Theory and Geometry

Schloss Rauischholzhausen Link
10.03.- 12.03.2016

Cluster Algebras and Geometry

Münster Link
14.03.- 18.03.2016

Triangulated Categories in Algebra, Geometry and Topology

University of Stuttgart Link
21.03.- 23.03.2016

Workshop on Brauer Graph Algebras

University of Stuttgart Link
29.03.- 02.04.2016

Derived Categories: Dimensions, Stability Conditions, and Enhancements
Deadline for registration is Jan 31st 2016

University of Bonn Link
04.04.- 08.04.2016

Representation Theory and Symplectic Singularities - A conference in honour of Sasha Premet's 60th birthday

University of Edinburgh Link
20.05.- 21.05.2016

Groups in Galway 2016

National University of Ireland, Galway Link

Groups and their Applications 8th meeting: Permutation Groups

University of Bristol Link
09.06.- 10.06.2016

Representation Theory and Harmonic Analysis

Lorraine Link
13.06.- 17.06.2016

Nilpotent Orbits and Representation Theory

Pisa Link
16.06.- 17.06.2016

Group Theory in Florence: A meeting in honor of Guido Zappa

University of Florence Link

Darmstadt-Erlangen-Freiburg Seminar on Conformal Field theory

Freiburg Link
27.06.- 01.07.2016

Felix Klein Lectures: "Indecomposable objects and potentials" Professor Victor Ginzburg

Bonn Link
28.06.- 01.07.2016

Postgraduate Group Theory Conference (PGTC) 2016

Imperial College London Link
01.07.- 31.12.2016

Semester program "Local representation theory and simple groups"

CIB-EPFL Switzerland Link
04.07.- 08.07.2016

Summer School: Geometry of Valuations

Goethe Universität Frankfurt am Main Link
04.07.- 08.07.2016

Representation Theory in Samos

Island of Samos, Greece Link
11.07.- 15.07.2016

Introductory workshop on the representation theory of finite groups

CIB Bernoulli Link
13.07.- 15.07.2016

Representations of Algebraic Groups - A Conference in Honour of Stephen Donkin

University of York Link
08.08.- 12.08.2016

Dunkl operators, special functions and harmonic analysis

Universität Paderborn Link
22.08.- 26.08.2016

Lie Theory and Representation Theory

University of Cologne Link
29.08.- 02.09.2016

Algebraic Combinatorics in Representation Theory

CIRM Luminy (Marseille) Link
05.09.- 09.09.2016

Kronecker Coefficients Conference 2016

City University London Link
05.09.- 09.09.2016

Workshop Morita equivalence problems for blocks of finite groups

CIB-EPFL (Lausanne) Link
12.09.- 16.09.2016

Workshop Some problems in the theory of simple groups

CIB-EPFL (Lausanne) Link
26.09.- 30.09.2016

CMI workshop “Geometric Representation Theory and Beyond"

Oxford Link
07.11.- 10.11.2016

Representation Theory of Finite and p-adic Groups of Lie Type

CIRM Luminy (Marseille) Link
11.12.- 20.12.2016

Representation Theory of Symmetric Groups and Related Algebras

National University of Singapore (IMS) Link

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