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Coming From The East

Highway Intersection Köln-Ost Direction
From A4 At the intersection Köln-Ost go straight ahead towards Zentrum. At some point the highway becomes the National Road B55a. After crossing the River Rhein, the B55a again changes its name to Innere Kanalstraße. Stay straight on the Innere Kanalstraße which turns into Universitätsstraße. Continue on Universitätsstraße until it intersects with Kerpener Straße (first street after a tunnel). Turn right into Kerpener Straße. Make a right turn into the next street, which is Weyertal. After the second intersection you find the institute on the right.

Karten: Köln, Sülz

Karte von Köln


Karte mit eingezeichnetem Weg