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Modular forms are omnipresent in mathematics. Recently they have even turned up in the study of black holes and string theory. Their presence usually indicates a deep underlying structure teeming with symmetry.

In the first week, there will be a school for advanced students which is immediately followed by a research conference in the second week. These activities will focus on the many facets of modular forms, especially those related to the work of Don Zagier, a giant in the theory of modular forms.



Valentin Blomer

Universität Göttingen

Francis Brown

All Souls College (Oxford)

Roelof Bruggeman

Universiteit Utrecht

Henri Cohen

Université Bordeaux I

Henri Darmon

McGill University

Stavros Garoufalidis

Georgia Institute of Technology

Dorian Goldfeld

Columbia University (New York)

Alexander Goncharov

Yale University

Tomoyoshi Ibukiyama

Osaka University

Özlem Imamoglu

ETH Zürich

Masanobu Kaneko

Kyushu University

Maxim Kontsevich

Institut des Hautes Scientifiques

Philippe Michel

Ecole polytechnique federale de Lausanne

Martin Möller

Universität Frankfurt

Maryna Viazovska

Humboldt Universität Berlin

Conference schedule (May 22-26)

To be announced.

Summer school

Date: May 15 - May 19

Organizers: Kathrin Bringmann, Stephan Ehlen,
Michael Griffin, Larry Rolen, Mike Woodbury

Summer school speakers

Martin Möller

Universität Frankfurt

Partitions, quasimodular forms and counting covers

Fernando Rodriguez Villegas


Arithmetic of differential equations, with emphasis on the hypergeometric and modular cases

Don Zagier

Max Planck Institute for Mathematics

Complex multiplication and its applications in the theory of modular forms


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