Hand-written lecture notes
Chapter I (Lecture 1-7)
Chapter II (Lecture 8-14)
Chapter III (Lecture 15-20)
Chapter IV (Lecture 21-23)
Chapter V (Lecture 24 -25)
Chapter VI (Lectures 26-29)
Notes (Lectures 26-29)


Chapter I – Universally optimal distribution of points
Henry Cohn, Abhinav Kumar – Universally optimal distribution of points on spheres
Henry Cohn – Order and disorder in energy minimization
Henry Cohn – Packing, coding, and ground states

Chapter II – Harmonic analysis of (finite) groups
Frank Vallentin – Lecture notes: Semidefinite programs and harmonic analysis
Audrey Terras – Fourier analysis on finite groups and applications

Chapter III – Expander graphs
Peter Sarnak – What is … an expander?
Shlomo Hoory, Nathan Linial, Avi Wigderson – Expander graphs and their applications
Guiliana Davidoff, Peter Sarnak, Alain Valette – Elementary number theory, group theory, and Ramanujan graphs
Alexander Lubotzky – Expander graphs in pure and applied mathematics
James Lee – The Margulis expanders (Video)
James Lee – Gabber-Galil analysis of Margulis‘ expanders (Blog)
Luca Trevisan – The Margulis-Gabber-Galil expanders

Chapter IV – Low distortion Euclidean embeddings
Jiri Matousek – Lecture notes on metric embeddings

Chapter V – Higher order Cheeger inequalities
James Lee, Shayan Oveis Gharan, Luca Trevisan – Multi-way spectral partitioning and higher-order Cheeger inequalities