Exercise Classes

Thursday 12-13:30 (German), Friday 10-11:30 (English),
Raum 5.08, Informatik


  • Because of changes in the class material Exercise 9.4 is no longer relevant and will be considered optional.
  • There will be 12 exercise sheets in total.
Office Hour

Tuesday 13:00-14:00, Weyertal 80, 3rd floor on the left

(electronic) Distribution of the Exercise Sheets

Tuesday after the lecture.

Sheet 1Sheet 2Sheet 3
Sheet 4Sheet 5Sheet 6
Sheet 7Sheet 8
Sheet 9
Sheet 10Sheet 11Sheet 12
Remarks on Exercises
  • No hand-in, instead:
  • For 3 of the 4 questions each week you have to able to present a solution (or a reasonable approach) and lead the discussion on this question in class.
  • Mark the questions you worked on in the form below, until Thursday (the week after the hand-out) at 10:00.
  • You can miss up to 3 sheets in total.
  • Active participation in class is expected. In the course of the semester you have to present several times.
Exam Preparation

Sample questions for the exam (with Chapters V and VI)

Relevant exercises for the exam