Exercises CO 2018

Exercise Groups
Group 1: Fridays 10-12, New room: Übungsraum 1, MI
Jan 18: Seminarraum Weyertal 80
Group 2: Fridays 12-14, Übungsraum 2, MI (Gyrhofstr.)
The first session is on Friday, October 19.

Group Assignment
If you want to switch groups, please write an email to Anna Gundert or Frederik von Heymann, or come to our office hour (see below).

(electronic) Distribution of the Exercise Sheets
Wednesday after the lecture.

Sheet 1Sheet 2Sheet 3
Sheet 4Sheet 5Sheet 6
Sheet 7Sheet 8Sheet 9
Sheet 10Sheet 11Sheet 12

Example Questions for Oral Exams

Dates for the Oral Exams
You can find the file with the appointments here (If you cannot remember the password, send us an email or come to our office hours).
If you need a Signature for the registration form from us, this can also be obtained from Annette Koenen (Weyertal 80, ground floor on the right).

Practice Exam
To get an idea of how an exam could look like, here is an exam from 2016. Of course the material is not identical so this should not be taken as a definitive selection of topics for exam questions.

Note: In the classes on Jan 11 we will have time to discuss your questions on the material covered so far. Feel free to send questions before (via email).

Hand-in Exercises
Wednesday until 12:00 in the mailbox in room 3.01 of the MI.

Office Hours:
Anna Gundert: Mondays 1pm-2pm, Weyertal 80, 3rd floor on the left
Frederik von Heymann: Tuesdays 1pm-2pm, Weyertal 80, 3rd floor on the left

Bearbeitung der Aufgaben/Framework for the Exercises
Die Abgabe der Übungsblätter erfolgt in Gruppen. Die Zusammensetzung der Gruppen kann variieren. Für jedes Gruppenmitglied wird die Punktzahl der Gruppenabgabe gewertet.
Auf jedem Blatt gibt es 2 schriftliche Aufgaben, die abgegeben werden sollen, und 2 mündliche Aufgaben, die für die Übungsgruppen vorbereitet werden sollen. Jede(r) Studierende muss in der Lage sein, mindestens eine der mündlichen Übungsaufgaben an der Tafel zu präsentieren.

Zur Zulassung sind 60% der Punkte aller Übungsblätter zu erreichen. Darüber hinaus kann maximal drei mal die Vorbereitung der mündlichen Aufgaben mangelhaft sein.

The exercise sheets can be submitted in groups. You can switch partners as much as you like. Everyone in a group gets the same number of points.
On each sheet there are 2 exercises to be handed in and 2 exercises to be prepared for the exercise session. Each participant should be able to present at least one of the prepared exercises in class.

To qualify for the final exam 60% of the points on all exercise sheets are necessary. Furthermore, the preparation of the exercises to be presented in class can be inadequate at most three times.

Bei weiteren Fragen zu Organisation oder Inhalt der Vorlesung bzw. Übung senden Sie bitte eine Email an Anna Gundert oder Frederik von Heymann oder kommen Sie in unsere Sprechstunde:
Montags und Dienstags 13-14 Uhr, Weyertal 80, 3.OG links

If you have further questions about the contents or organization of the lecture or exercise groups, please contact Anna Gundert or Frederik von Heymann per mail, or come to our office hours:
Mondays and Tuesdays 1pm-2pm, Weyertal 80, 3rd floor on the left