My main field of interest is probability theory. This includes random graphs and networks, large deviations, Brownian motion, stochastic processes in random media, and applications of probability in analysis and outside mathematics. I also have an interest in geometric measure theory, in particular in connection with probability.


Here you find a list of books I cowrote or co-edited.

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  • Ergodische Zerlegungen invarianter Baire-Maße,
    Diplomarbeit, Universität Kaiserslautern, (1991).
  • Tangent Measure Distributions and the Geometry of Measures,
    PhD thesis, University of London, (1995).
  • Contributions to Fractal Geometry and Stochastic Processes,
    Habilitation thesis, Universität Kaiserslautern, (2001).

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Academic Service

I am serving on the editorial board of Journal of Theoretical Probability.
I am serving on the editorial board of Stochastic Processes and Applications.