Newton Okounkov Theory

4h graduate lecture by Prof. Dr. P. Littelmann. In German. Summer 2018.


Let \(g(x,y) = \sum_{i,j}a_{i,j}x_iy_j\) be a polynomial in two variables \(x\) and \(y\). Then the Newton polygon \(New(g)\) is defined as the convex hull of \(\lbrace(i,j) \,|\, a_{i,j} \neq 0\rbrace\) in \(\mathbb R^2\). One of the surprising results about the Newton polygon is Bernstein's Theorem, that connects the number of solutions of \(g(x,y) = h(x,y) = 0\) in \((\mathbb C^*)^2\) for two polynomials \(g(x,y)\) und \(h(x,y)\) with the surface area of \(New(g)\), \(New(h)\) and the the Minkowski sum of \(New(g)\) and \(New(h)\). One goal of Newton-Okounkov Theory is to find such connections in a more general setting. One gets polytopes associated to various objects (graduated algebras, varieties, ....) and tries to conclude properties of the graduated algebra, the geometry of the variety and so on from the geometry of the polytope.

Requirements: Lineare Algebra I & II, Algebra, additional knowledge about commutative algebra and algebraic geometry can be useful.

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